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The Whippet Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when we get whipped into a present buying frenzy, grabbing gifts for every man and his dog – literally.

With so much to choose from it can be overwhelming so we've decided to lend a helping paw, and have compiled a ‘Lolly approved’ edit to ease the festive stress. From coats to treats to toys, we’ve picked out the best of the best.

Scroll on down and take a look through our tried, tested - and occasionally chewed - gift guide.

Honesty is important to us. Items on the list marked with asterisk* have been gifted to us and made the list because we genuinely love and use them - not because we’ve been asked to talk about them. So, without further ado, let's begin!



Like most hounds, Lolly is partial to the unexpected lunge if she sees a group of pigeons or a rogue cat. Wanting to gain a little more control over her movements - and to protect her delicate neck from any damage - we went on the hunt for a sturdy harness that would do the trick, whilst also allowing her to run and walk without restriction.

With a bit of luck, we found Perfect Fit via Devil Dood Direct. Their harnesses are easy to piece together, made with a soft fleece lining - so no rubbing around the chest or armpits - and are machine washable too. Oh, and it’s also great for the car - we attach it to our doggy belts to keep her safe and secure on the backseat. 

Lolly the Whippet wearing a Perfect Fit Harness


Obviously no walk can begin without a lead and Rag & Paw have some beautiful items in their shop, all designed and made in the UK too. We adore our red and bubblegum pink colour-block lead and collar set, it's beautifully crafted and adds a much-needed pop of colour to our walks at this time of the year. (They also have fleeces to match)  



Want some neck candy? Branni have got you covered!

They have a wonderful collection of collars in all colours, shapes and sizes - we particularly love their Lily collar with heart-shaped studs. They also make leads with changeable handles so you can mix and match with your chosen style. 




Anyone who owns a sighthound will know that when the temperatures drop below 20 degrees it’s time to get the layers out. A good jumper or coat - or sometimes both - is essential for keeping their skinny frames warm and dry in the colder months. 

We discovered Sofa Dog Wear last year and have been SO impressed with their selection of jumpers, base layers and raincoats. Their items are practical, functional and super easy to look after. They fit beautifully too which means they actually stay in place - even when running a million miles an hour. Our favourites are the Kevin Jumper and the Michael Army Raincoat - they have been through many adventures and surfaced unscathed. 


What’s not to love about Occam? Designed, cut and sewn in London, each Occam piece is made entirely by hand to order. Every item in the collection is tailored to perfection, complementing the elegant shape of the breed. We are OBSESSED with the Beuys coat, made from 100% boiled wool, it is naturally water repellant and a fantastic insulator.




Food glorious food! Aside from her Butternut Box meals, we treat Lolly to a selection of tasty treats to keep her going through the week. 

A longer-lasting, high-value reward for when she has been a really good girl - or stares at us for long enough. We like to buy ours from JR Pets, they have no preservatives or additives and are good for dental health too.


Guaranteed to whip Lolly into a frenzy, the Rabbit Skin Rolls from Anco are another longer-lasting treat that she just cannot resist. They are also a natural de-wormer as the hairs aid in the removal of parasite from their intestinal tract - don't be alarmed by the hairy poos!


Two words. Liver paste. 

The most versatile treat of them all! We use the Arden Grange paste to fill Kongs, spread across Licki-mats, to hide worming tablets in...the list goes on. 



When we took Lolly to puppy training classes we were advised to make playtime at the park as fun as possible to help with her recall training. We bought a fair amount of squeakers, ball throwers and fluffy toys but found that the KONG classic flyer was the clear winner. They are made from flexible rubber, are gentle on gums and can take a bit of a tough biting too. 




Sighthounds love their comfort, and a Charley Chau is the Lamborghini of the bed world.

They are lined with a super soft faux fur and come with a plump inner cushion. As with most whippets, Lolly loves to bury herself under piles of covers so the envelope style of their snuggle bed is perfect for her to tuck into for a good nights kip. The best bit, they are totally machine washable - both the cover and the inner pillow. 



If you don’t have a dedicated shrine to your beloved pooch then, first of all, what kind of owner are you?! and secondly, don’t worry - the DOGMADE team are here to help. 

We had been obsessing over these prints long before we were lucky enough to receive one in the post. We are huge fans of their contemporary design and subtle hues, not to mention the vast selection of breeds to choose from. Designed and printed in Sweden, you can even add your pooches name for that personal touch.



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